Spectrum Legal Group, Bondi Junction, NSW

At the offices of Spectrum Legal Group in Bondi Junction, sparkling water is not just a courtesy offered to clients, it’s an amenity appreciated by all the organisation’s workforce as well. And with consumption exceeding 80 litres per week, an on-tap solution was a must.

Spectrum Legal Group installed a Zip system and were previously using Zip and Billi CO2 gas cylinders. Initially happy to have stopped the accumulation of countless plastic purchased water bottles, the team quickly realised that the spent CO2 cylinders were also becoming a problem.

As Principal of the practice, David explains, “We had an office filled with empty cylinders which were taking up so much space, but we didn’t really know what to do with them. When we learned about ReCylinder, we immediately got on board. As a business committed to safeguarding our environment and sustainability, we actively seek solutions that match our commitment, and we choose to align with suppliers who share our values.”

The result is that the organisation now orders twin-packs of Crystella CO2 cylinders through the ReCylinder program. Each cylinder produces up to 260 litres of sparkling water (up to 15 percent more than other leading brands) so not only are the replacements required less frequently, but they also come with an added bonus: recycling.

“These days, we order our replacement cylinders and they arrive the next day. We put our empty cylinders in the reusable cardboard carton and the couriers take them away. It saves us all that space but also provides a very favourable solution in terms of recycling,” David says.

All staff at Spectrum Legal Group are aware of and appreciate the Crystella recycling program. “We intend to keep ordering from Crystella in the future based on the positive environmental benefits,” David says. “Our manager has a sparkling water system at home and has also switched to ordering Crystella cylinders because of their excellent recycling program, which no one else offers.”

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