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ReCylinder is revolutionising how consumers dispose of used gas cylinders. We make it easy and economical for you, and safe for the environment. Help reduce waste and landfill by joining the environmentally focussed programme of ReCylinder and giving your used CO₂ cartridge another life.  


Recycling steel uses a monumental 75% less energy than creating new steel. Steel can be recycled infinitely. By recycling steel 2.2L CO₂ gas cylinders, we help to conserve diminishing natural resources, reduce landfill impacts and put more steel back into the life cycle, enabling its indefinite purposeful lifespan. 


Simply purchase a twin pack of new 2.2L CO₂ gas cylinders for prompt delivery. After delivery, book your cylinder collection and return of empty 2.2L cylinders, any brand. Place your empty cylinders in the return-for-recycling carton, and our courier will collect for recycling. Order a spare cylinder twin pack and you’ll never run out of sparkling water. 


Enjoy FREE delivery of your replacement CO₂ gas cylinders AND free removal of your spent ones. Now you can finally get rid of any cylinders you haven’t managed to dispose of yet, and not pay a cent. ReCylinder’s 2.2L CO₂ gas cylinders are compatible with most major sparkling water systems. *See Recylinder Terms and Conditions. 


At 1,300g of CO₂ gas in every Crystella cylinder, Crystella ReCylinder delivers more gas than most other brands. This equates to up to 260 litres of sparkling water per cylinder, which is as much as 40 litres more than what competitors’ cylinders can manage. 

ReCylinder reduces environmental impact

We prioritise sustainability over profit

Steel is 100% recyclable so it’s a crying shame for all those cylinders to sit in landfill, fulfilling no further use. The 2.2L cylinders cannot be refilled and we believe that single-use anything is not acceptable. 

  • ReCylinder reinserts the steel back into the life cycle – We safely manage the pressurisation of the cylinders then send the steel to be crushed, melted and manufactured into new steel goods. 
  • Recycling steel uses far less energy – Recycling steel to be returned to the life cycle and made into new steel products uses a whopping 75% less energy than manufacturing from raw materials. 
  • Safe freight of CO₂ cylinders – At ReCylinder, we always aim to do the right thing. Gas cylinders must be transported safely so we only use Australian Dangerous Goods licensed contractors. 
  • Make it easy for consumers – ReCylinder removes the effort, time and complexity of dealing with spent CO₂ cylinders for consumers. In fact, we prioritise a portion of our profits to making it easy – and free – for you.

Crystella ReCylinder

100% compatible cylinders

Crystella 2.2L CO₂ cylinders are 100% compatible with all other 2.2L Brand Cylinders for sparkling water systems. No matter what system you’re currently using, as long as the regulator has a M10 thread (which is the Australian standard), you can choose ReCylinder. And apart from the obvious recycling benefits, our cylinders also have more gas in them, which means better value for you! 

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How our ReCylinder program works

Return & Recycle

  1. Check your current cylinders have an M10 thread to ensure Crystella is compatible with your water system. If so,
  2. Buy a twin pack of Crystella CO₂ cylinders (when you purchase, your account will be created)
  3. Wait to receive your delivery. You will receive tracking via email
  4. Remove the full Crystella cylinders from the box and place your two empty cylinders in. Seal the box
  5. Log into your Crystella Account and order a Return & Recycle with your credit
  6. Place the box outside the front door or in reception. Our freight company will collect, and they’ll have all the paperwork
  7. Feel great! You’ve chosen a sustainable solution, by reducing waste for a better environment