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Explore real-life examples of how our innovative still and sparkling water systems have made a difference to our clients.



Explore real-life examples of how our innovative still and sparkling water systems have made a difference in people’s lives.

Case Study : Transitioning to Refillable Glass Bottles for Sustainable Business Operations



Miscreants Café is based at the WORKIT Co-Work Space in Alexandria. Miscreants Café is the “go-to” venue for WORKIT’S community. Whether it’s simply grabbing a quick coffee, sandwich or glass of Crystella sparkling water Miscreants have it. Miscreants, being part of the Workit community, have always looked to sustainable practices. Miscreants were and always are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint while maintaining quality and service.

Challenge: Eliminate Single-use Plastics

Miscreants Café had already switched to biodegradable cutlery and coffee cups. They, however, still needed to do more. They identified single-use plastics associated with the sale of bottled water, as their target. They were concerned about how their customers would react, when asked to switch and pay for an on-tap solution, instead of bottled water. 


After researching the market and chatting with customers, Miscreants Café found Crystella, a business that provides premium, high-quality, on-tap, still and sparkling water systems at a competitive weekly rental with an exceptional reputation and after-sales service. The Crystella team understood the challenge and quickly came up with a solution that addressed all of their concerns. The solution was the Primavera Twin Tap Underbench solution, which dispenses both chilled and sparkling water on demand. 

The Benefits

PlasticsEliminate Single-use

Miscreants Café successfully transitioned to refillable glass bottles for both still and sparkling water, which reduced their environmental footprint and eliminated single-use plastic bottles. Their customers were excited and embraced the change. Miscreants now give Sparkling water away for free to those who buy coffee, and they love this. The refillable glass bottles, provided by Crystella, for both still and sparkling water, were stylish and elegant and complimented Miscreants’ brand.

Increased Profits

The refillable bottles were cost-effective and saved the Café a fortune, compared to the cost of bottled sparkling water. Profits resulted in more coffee sales, due to the free Sparkling water giveaway, and from the increased margin when compared to expensive imported bottled water.

Reduced Space Requirements

Being located within a co-working office space, space was at a premium, and Miscreants benefited from the system in that the need for fridge space and storage, previously occupied by bottles was eliminated.  


Miscreants Café successfully transitioned to refillable glass bottles for sparkling water, which helped them achieve their sustainability goals while maintaining their premium brand and controlling costs. By partnering with Crystella, they were able to find a sustainable solution that met their business needs and supported their sustainability aspirations.

The transition to refillable glass bottles was a worthwhile investment that helped them save a fortune and make a positive impact on the environment.

Case Study : Enjoy Mie Saving Space with Re-Usable Glass Bottles



Enjoy Mie Restaurant is an Indonesean delight. They are based in Sydney. They approached Crystella to Install a Sparkling Water system and now they are reaping the benefits.

Challenge: Free-up Fridge Space and Eliminate the need to store Bottles

Enjoy Mie, sell around 50 bottles of water a week and they need to kee this water chilled. Chilling water takes up lots of fridge space. It is also a lot of work to un-pack and re-pack the fridges daily. 


Crystella explained the benefits to Enjoy Mie, and unpacked how their solutions would largely eliminate the need for fridge space and all the inefficient effort around managing bottles.  Crystella’s installed solution is an on-tap system, which filters, chills and adds sparke on demand. Offering customers a refreshing, premium tasting beverage without the plastic and the fridge space.

The Benefits

No More Fridge Space Required for Bottles

Enjoy Mie no longer stores bottles in the fridge and has rather opted to use Crystella’s refillable glass bottles.

Enjoy Mie Back Drop

ReCylinder Case Study: Multi-Story Family Residence in Bondi, NSW

The Quest for a Sustainable Sparkling Water


Steven K’s family in Bondi, NSW, switched from fizzy sugary drinks to sparkling water on tap. Their team of six family members plus extended family, consumes multiple glasses of sparkling water daily. Initially, they relied on purchasing San Pellegrino, which proved costly and generated a significant amount of single-use plastic waste. In search of an alternative, they installed a Zip system that provided sparkling water on tap, reducing plastic bottle consumption. However, the frequent need for CO2 cylinder purchasing and replacements and the associated recycling of empty cylinders became an issue. 

Discovering Crystella Cylinders and the ReCylinder Exchange Program 

The family discovered Crystella cylinders and the ReCylinder recycling program, which addressed their concerns about purchasing cylinders and recycling.  With ReCylinder, Steven’s family conveniently orders a two-pack of cylinders online and receives them the next day. They have also learned to safely change the cylinder themselves, saving over $300 each time a technician was required to change a cylinder. 

Environmental Benefits and Enhanced Sparkling Water Experience 

Crystella picks up the used cylinders and recycles them, addressing the family’s environmental concerns without any additional cost. As an added bonus, they discovered that Crystella cylinders provide more sparkling water compared to their previous cylinders. 

The Perfect Sparkling Water Solution for Modern Families 

Steven and his family can now enjoy fresh sparkling water at the touch of a tap while feeling good about their environmental impact. The Crystella cylinders and ReCylinder program have provided them with an affordable, sustainable, and convenient sparkling water solution that perfectly fits their modern lifestyle. 


A Sustainable Cylinder Recycling Solution for Sparkling Water Systems for office

Spectrum Legal Group


 At Spectrum Legal Group’s head office in Bondi Junction, Sparkling water is a popular amenity for both clients and employees. With consumption exceeding 80 litres per week, they installed a Crystella Benchtop on-tap system to eliminate the need to purchase single-use plastic bottles. The team quickly realized that the used CO2 cylinders from other suppliers were becoming a problem in terms of storage, disposal and recycling. 

 Aligning with Environmental Values through ReCylinder  

 As a business committed to sustainability, Spectrum Legal Group sought a solution that matched its commitment to the environment. Upon discovering the Crystella ReCylinder program, they immediately switched to using Crystella CO2 cylinders. The twin packs of cylinders produce up to 260 litres of sparkling water each, requiring less frequent replacements and offering a responsible recycling solution. 

 Efficient Ordering and Recycling with Crystella  

 With Crystella cylinders, the office orders new cylinders through their online account with a quick login and repeat order. Their empty cylinders are placed in reusable cardboard cartons supplied with the new cylinders. A specialised licenced CO2 cylinder freight company collects the cylinders from their offices for recycling. This system not only saves space but also aligns with the company’s commitment to Sustainability. 

 A Positive Impact on Employees and Clients 

 Spectrum Legal Group’s staff appreciates the Crystella recycling program and its environmental benefits. The company plans to continue using Crystella cylinders in the future, and their positive experience has even inspired some employees to adopt the Crystella ReCylinder program for their own home sparkling water systems.