Sparkling Water On Tap Australia

State-of-the-art Sparkling Water System

Want to enjoy sparkling water anytime? Our state-of-the-art sparkling water systems offer a convenient, instantaneous solution for all your sparkling water needs. The benefits of having a sparkling water system include:

  • Quick and easy access to fresh on-tap Australian sparkling water anytime
  • Offer top-quality chilled sparkling water at your restaurant, cafe or business
  • Customise the level of fizziness to a standard that suits your business
  • Save more money instead of buying expensive bottles of sparkling water to cater to all your customers
  • Help the environment by reducing waste through the elimination of plastic bottles
  • Eliminate ordering stock, storing bottles in fridges, running out of stock and fretting over deliveries

Make the switch to Crystella on-tap Sparkling Water today! It’s a chic, convenient and sustainable choice for all beverage needs.


Crystella C02 Cylinder Recycling Program

The Crystella ReCylinder Program revolutionises how you purchase and dispose of gas cylinders. Upon request, we will deliver brand new 2.2L CO2 cylinders to your business or home.

When they are empty, place them back in the box and schedule a free pickup. We will collect them and responsibly recycle them.

By recycling our sparkling water cylinders, we can reduce our carbon footprint and do our part to protect the planet. Join the Crystella ReCylinder Program today and enjoy delicious, sparkling water in your space — whether it’s an office or home. It’s the smart way to stay hydrated whilst making an impact!

Crystella’s sparkling water on-tap is an instant water solution perfect for businesses who want deliciously chilled, still or sparkling water without any hassle and continuous expenses. Plus, our Crystella ReCylinder Program makes it easy and safe to purchase and recycle used CO2 cylinders — so you’ll feel good doing your part for the environment.

Free delivery, pickup and recycling? Yes, please! Order today and play your part in the unique recycling solution for spent CO2 Cylinders.


Need sparkling water for your business? Get in touch with a consultant!

Our sparkling water on-tap system provides an endless supply of refreshing, clean water perfect for any business. We have over 40 years of experience in equipment and are backed by BROMIC, one of the leading equipment and rental service distributors.

Whether it’s for your restaurant, cafe, office or hotel, you could never go wrong with sparkling water. Get in touch with one of our consultants today and find out how easy it is to have a on-tap sparkling water dispenser to improve your customer service. Have more questions? Check out our FAQ section because we have answers for you!

Our Sparkling Water Systems FAQs

On-tap Australian sparkling water is often made from mineral springs or purified water infused with carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide gives the water distinctive bubbles and a refreshing taste.

Aside from being refreshing and delicious, sparkling water is a great source of hydration that cleanses the palate and aids digestion. In addition, sparkling water can reduce the chances of bloating and gas. Since it contains no calories or sugar, it’s great for those who miss bubbly sodas.Furthermore, on-tap sparkling water is environmentally friendly, as it doesn’t use plastic bottles. With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that sparkling water is becoming the drink of choice for health-conscious Australians.

There is no definitive answer to whether Australian sparkling water is better than tap water. However, many believe it is a far more delicious alternative to plain old tap water, which can make your business look more appealing to customers and clients alike.

While you can store unopened bottles of sparkling water for a year, once opened, the carbonation starts to dissipate, and the water will go flat within a few days. Hence, many people invest in a sparkling on-tap water system for their business. These systems allow you to enjoy fresh, sparkling water on demand without the waste associated with unused water bottles.

Sparkling water on-tap systems are connected to a CO2 tank for carbonation. When you want sparkling water, simply open the tap and let the water flow. The CO2 bubbles up and combines with the water to create sparkling water. Our systems also have a sophisticated filtration system to remove impurities from the tap water, so you can be sure you’re getting delicious and clean sparkling water every time.

Our Recycling Program FAQs

  • Zip™
  • Billi™
  • Waterlogic™
  • Puretec™
  • Crystella with 2.2L (Regulators)

With the first order of your new Crystella Cylinders, you will get 1x credit for return & recycle. You can return specific brands of 2.2L CO2 cylinders in the original Crystella delivered carton (box).

We will only collect cylinders in the original re-usable Crystella carton. Crystella cartons have all the legally required markings for safe cartage of cylinders.

Crystella will only accept compatible 2.2L CO2 Cylinders from Zip™, Billi™, Waterlogic™, Puretec™ & Bromic™  in your first order for return & recycle. *See Terms & Conditions

There are two cylinders in the original Crystella carton (box). You only get one free re-usable carton to return for recycling, so our suggestion is to save your empty cylinders and when you have two, place them in the Crystella original carton and book in your return for collection. Each new order of 2x Pack Cylinders provides you with 1x Credit to Return and Recycle (a 2x pack of empty Cylinders).

All cylinders purchased entitle you to recycle credits for the same number of cylinders to be picked up and returned for recycling.



  • If you ordered 1x (2pack Crystella Cylinders SKU: CR9002000) you are entitled to return 1x 2-pack of empty cylinders (1 credit issued per 2pack)
  • If you ordered 2x (2pack Crystella Cylinders SKU: CR9002000) you are entitled to return 2x 2-pack of empty cylinders (you will have received 2x Credits)

Recycle Pickup:

Empty Cylinders will be picked up from the shipping address Next Business Day Mon-Frid (orders placed before 2pm EST). Unfortunately we cannot advise the time of pickup.

  • Empty recycle cylinders MUST be ready for pickup in original cylinder carton for safe cartage and recycling
  • Courier will provide labels and affix to carton/s on pickup
  • Should the recycle carton (with 2x empties) NOT be available for pickup when the courier arrives to collect, this will be considered as a futile collection. Crystella has pre-paid.
  • The courier will NOT return to collect carton. The system automatically flags goods as collected and cannot be re-collected.


Credits for return recycle expire after 12 months from purchase of Cylinders from Crystella.



  • If you purchase cylinders on 4 May 2022, you have until 3 May 2023 to order a return recycle pickup using the credit provided when purchasing cylinder/s.

When you purchase your new Crystella CO2 cylinders (2x pack), you will receive 1x credit for return & recycling.

When you have 2x empty CO2 2.2L cylinders, order a Return & Recycle with your credit.

To order a Return for Recycling login (with your username & password):

Pack your 2x empty cylinders into the re-usable Crystella carton. Ensure that the carton is ready for collection. The courier will provide a label on collection of cylinders. (The courier is only available to collect once and the Recycle Credits will marked as used). If pickup is unsuccessful, the credit will be marked as used.

If you purchase multiple packs of cylinders from Crystella (2x cylinders in a pack), you will be allocated multiple credits to Return & Recycle cylinders (2x cylinders in a pack).

You can then order multiple return & recycles at different stages when you have 2x empty cylinders to return.