Case Study: Transitioning To Refillable Glass Bottles For Sustainable Business Operations


Nestled within the vibrant WORKIT Co-Work Space in Alexandria, Miscreants Café has become the “go-to” destination for the community. Offering more than just a quick coffee or sandwich, Miscreants Café takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and quality. Among its offerings, the Crystella sparkling water has been a significant draw. A part of the Workit community, Miscreants Café has continuously sought ways to reduce its environmental footprint without compromising on the quality of its service.

Challenge: The War Against Single-use Plastics

Despite having made strides in adopting sustainable practices, such as switching to biodegradable cutlery and coffee cups, Miscreants Café faced a persistent challenge: the environmental impact of single-use plastics from bottled water. The café recognized the need for further action but was concerned about customer reactions to replacing bottled water with a paid, on-tap alternative.

Solution: Discovering Crystella

After extensive market research and engaging conversations with their customers, Miscreants Café discovered Crystella, a provider known for its premium quality, on-tap still and sparkling water systems. Crystella’s solution, the Primavera Twin Tap Underbench system, offered both chilled and sparkling water on demand, promising to address Miscreants Café’s sustainability concerns without sacrificing quality. Crystella’s exceptional reputation and after-sales service made them the perfect partner for the café’s ambitious project.

The Benefits

  • Elimination of Single-use Plastics: The introduction of refillable glass bottles for still and sparkling water marked a significant step towards sustainability for Miscreants Café. This move not only reduced the café’s environmental footprint but was also warmly received by customers, who appreciated the initiative. The stylish and elegant bottles, supplied by Crystella, enhanced the café’s branding.
  • Increased Profits: The switch to refillable bottles proved to be economically beneficial. By offering sparkling water for free with coffee purchases, Miscreants Café saw an increase in coffee sales. Additionally, the cost savings from not purchasing expensive imported bottled water significantly boosted the café’s profit margins.
  • Reduced Space Requirements: The Crystella system’s compact design freed up valuable space within the co-working office environment, eliminating the need for extensive fridge space and storage previously dedicated to bottled water.


Miscreants Café’s transition to the Crystella refillable glass bottle system for sparkling water has been a resounding success. This initiative not only helped the café achieve its sustainability goals but also supported its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. By partnering with Crystella, Miscreants Café found a solution that aligned with its business needs and sustainability aspirations. The investment in the Crystella water system has proven to be beneficial, leading to cost savings, an enhanced customer experience, and a positive environmental impact. This case study exemplifies how adopting sustainable practices can result in both financial and ethical rewards, setting a precedent for other businesses in the hospitality industry.

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