Elevate Wellness: Introducing Crystella's On-Tap Water System

Provide your customers and clients with a rewarding experience. Healthy fresh, Self serve Chilled Still & Sparkling Water on-tap.  The Crystella on-tap sparkling water system, either benchtop or split-system taps is easy to use and space efficient, making it the perfect addition. Ideal for Fitness Centres, Beauty Salons, Medical Practices, Wellness Centres, Hospitals, Clinics and other Health and well-being sites.


Single-Use Plastic Bottles

Staying hydrated is crucial for improved cognitive function, including enhanced memory, concentration, and reaction time. Adequate hydration also promotes workplace health and safety by reducing the risk of errors, accidents, and injuries. Moreover, drinking sufficient water improves health and wellbeing, increases energy levels throughout the day, and a stronger immune system.

Providing on-tap water can positively impact employees’ moods by preventing irritability and confusion caused by dehydration, contributing to a more positive environment. Furthermore, staying hydrated can boost physical performance, and improve efficiency. Choose Crystella’s sparkling water system to reap these numerous advantages and promote a healthier, more productive workplace.



Crystella is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for wellness, offering both benchtop and underbench water systems to meet diverse customer needs. Our innovative benchtop systems seamlessly blend into any kitchen or office space, delivering an easily accessible source of filtered, chilled still, and sparkling water. Meanwhile, the underbench systems offer a discreet, space-saving alternative that combines stylish design with advanced filtration technology. Crystella’s versatile water solutions not only promote a healthier lifestyle through easy access to premium quality water, but also contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing the reliance on single-use plastic bottles. Elevate your wellness journey with Crystella’s state-of-the-art benchtop and underbench water systems, designed to suit any home or workplace setting.
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You can play a meaningful role in reducing environmental waste by eliminating bottled water from your business.

By choosing a responsible solution instead – filtered, chilled, sparkling and still water on-tap – you significantly reduce your impact on the environment and enjoy many additional benefits at the same time.