Co-Working Space: On-Tap Sparkling and Still Water Solutions

Elevate your co-working space experience with our on-tap sparkling and still water solutions, fostering a refreshing and productive environment for all members.

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CRYSTELLA IN THE co-working space

Crystella’s on-tap sparkling water systems are an exceptional addition to any co-working space, offering numerous benefits to members and the environment alike.

Our systems are convenient, dispensing chilled, fresh still and sparkling water with a simple pull of a lever. This perk contributes to building loyalty among co-working space members, as it enhances their experience and encourages loyalty.

Furthermore, the Crystella system creates a sense of community, as it serves as a shared perk for all members to enjoy, fostering camaraderie and engagement within the space.

In addition, incorporating Crystella systems demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices by eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles, thus reducing waste and promoting eco-friendly habits among members.

In summary, Crystella on-tap sparkling water systems is an ideal choice for co-working spaces, offering convenience, building loyalty, and exemplifying environmental responsibility.

Crystella solutions

solutions for the co-workspace

Crystella provides comprehensive rental and purchase solutions for co-working spaces, aimed at enhancing the hydration experience for employees and visitors.

Our state-of-the-art still and sparkling on-tap water machines are designed to cater to various office requirements with both countertop and split systems available.

By partnering with Crystella, you can ensure seamless installation and exceptional ongoing maintenance and support, including regular filter replacements and guaranteed uptime for uninterrupted access to high-quality drinking water.

Additionally, we supply CO2 gas Cylinders for your sparkling water needs and take pride in being the first company in Australia to offer free recycling of empty cylinders with our unique ReCylinder recycling program. Allow us to assist you in selecting the right system tailored to your specific needs, while also contributing to an eco-friendly workspace.

Plastic Bottles Polluting our Ocean

crystella cares about

sustainability in your community

Sustainable practices in co-workspace are essential.  Foster a sense of collective responsibility among members and build brand loyalty.

By implementing eco-friendly measures, co-working spaces not only contribute to reducing their carbon footprint but also demonstrate a commitment to long-term environmental stewardship.

This forward-thinking approach will attract like-minded individuals and businesses, creating a community that values innovation, sustainability and progress.