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Crystella on-tap chilled sparkling and still water is an affordable, efficient and sustainable alternative to bottled water. It’s the perfect solution for restaurant owners looking to offer refreshing beverages, minimise stock & ordering errors and utilise their team and fridge space correctly.

Crystella on-tap sparkling water can cost as little as 0.13c per bottle; this leads to astounding cost-saving benefits when you factor in the low cost of labour to run this system. Crystella Water offers you more storage space, reduced operational costs and more time to create! All for a fraction of the cost.



Looking for a high-profit margin opportunity? The Crystella solution can provide just that with the ability to refill a 750ml bottle of sparkling water for as little as 13c. Serve 20+ bottles per day, and you can make over $10,000 additional profit per annum on sparkling water. On the other hand, save on costs associated with pre-bottled water by reducing ordering and storage needs, freeing up fridge space, and eliminating the disposal costs of empty bottles.

You select your revenue and pricing with various options available to your customers, including “sell by the bottle,” “sell as part of a per-head package,” “sell as a package with coffee,” and more. Plus, with Crystella Service Advantage, a Bromic Group Company with over 40 years of expertise in water and gas products and a team of over 130 staff, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive quick and reliable service when you need it most.



Our state-of-the-art sparkling water systems offer a convenient, instantaneous solution for all your sparkling water needs. The benefits of having a sparkling water system include:

– Quick and easy access to fresh top-quality chilled sparkling water anytime
– Customise the level of fizziness to a standard that suits your business
– Save more money instead of buying expensive bottles of sparkling water to cater to all your customers
– Help the environment by reducing waste through the elimination of plastic bottles
– Eliminate ordering stock, storing bottles in fridges, running out of stock and fretting over deliveries

Crystella on-tap Sparkling Water is a chic, convenient and sustainable choice for all beverage needs.

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Crystella is committed to sustainability and the environment by minimising waste of bottles. We have removed the need for single use plastic bottles with re-fillable and re-usable glass bottles.

An average 100 seater busy restaurant uses over 3,650x plastic bottles of Sparkling Water per year (10 per day). With Crystella’s Solution, glass premium branded re-fillable bottles, you can refill again and again. 

This is the Crystella solution to sustainability.