Enjoy the perfect sustainable and healthy water beverage solution for your Cafe, Restaurant, bar or venue! Crystella water solutions for hospitality.

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In today’s fast-paced hospitality industry, partnering with Crystella for on-tap still and sparkling water systems is a decision that makes perfect sense for your business.

With Crystella’s turn-key solution, you can effortlessly provide your guests with top-quality water, while focusing on delivering exceptional service. Our comprehensive maintenance and support solution ensures that you never have to worry about the reliability of your water system, giving you the peace of mind to concentrate on what matters most – your business.

At Crystella, we understand the importance of providing pristine water as a critical component of any hospitality establishment. Our boutique, no-nonsense, and authentic approach guarantees a seamless integration of our state-of-the-art water systems into your operation, enhancing your guests’ experience and setting your business apart from the competition. Partner with Crystella today and discover the difference that exceptional water can make in your hospitality venture.



More and more, consumers are embracing environmentally positive solutions and directing their loyalty towards businesses
that also do. Make yours the business that consumers choose because of your sustainability values. Offer filtered, chilled, sparkling or still tap water and your customers will gladly get on board.


Sparkling Water On Tap: Elevating Hydration in the Hospitality Industry


Cafes & bars

Using a Crystella water system in cafes and bars offers a range of benefits beyond water filtration. One major advantage is the cost savings that can be achieved by eliminating the need for plastic-bottled water. This can add up to significant savings over time, particularly for businesses that serve a high volume of customers.

Your staff will love the convenience of having chilled sparkling and still water on tap. Offer customers a truly premium experience that’ll keep them coming back.

The Crystella water system is also a breeze to maintain. You won’t have to worry about replacing filters or dealing with complicated installations. It’s easy to use and adds an upscale feel to your establishment, giving your customers an experience they won’t forget. 



Crystella on-tap chilled sparkling and still water is an affordable, efficient and sustainable alternative to bottled water. It’s the perfect solution for restaurant owners looking to offer refreshing beverages, minimise stock & ordering errors and utilise their team and fridge space correctly.

Crystella on-tap sparkling water can cost as little as 0.13c per bottle; this leads to astounding cost saving benefits when you factor in the low cost of labour to run this system. Crystella water offers you more storage space, reduced operational costs and more time to create! All for a fraction of the cost.


Hotels & Catering

Take your hotel or accommodation venue to a new level of luxury by providing guests with the option of sparkling or still water upon arrival! The Crystella on-tap sparkling water system is easy to use and space efficient, making it the perfect addition to your lobby. Installing this system will allow guests to help themselves to a refreshing beverage while they check in; adding a touch of class to your venue without sacrificing your budget.