Case Study: Transitioning To Refillable Glass Bottles For Sustainable Business Operations


Enjoy Mie Café, a beloved family-owned establishment in Sydney, has long been a favorite among locals for its cozy atmosphere and delicious offerings. Managed by Aldo, the café prides itself on delivering quality service while upholding its commitment to environmental sustainability. Recognizing the need to innovate and reduce its ecological footprint, Enjoy Mie Café embarked on a journey to find a solution that aligns with its values.

Challenge: Overcoming Storage and Environmental Concerns

Previously, Enjoy Mie Café faced significant challenges related to storage space and environmental impact. Stocking bottled water necessitated ample fridge space, which was not only limiting but also unsustainable. The use of single-use plastics was at odds with the café’s commitment to protecting the environment, prompting a search for a more eco-friendly and space-efficient solution.

Solution: Embracing Crystella’s Sparkling Water System

After careful consideration, Enjoy Mie Café chose to implement Crystella’s sparkling water system. This innovative solution offered a way to dispense chilled and sparkling water on demand, eliminating the need for bottled water. The system’s compact design significantly reduced the café’s storage requirements, freeing up valuable fridge space. Moreover, Crystella’s commitment to quality and sustainability perfectly matched Enjoy Mie Café’s ethos.

The Benefits

  • Space Efficiency: The adoption of Crystella’s system has allowed Enjoy Mie Café to maximize its limited space. By removing the need to store bottled water, the café has effectively utilized the area for other purposes, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Environmental Impact: Switching to a reusable bottle system has significantly reduced the café’s use of single-use plastics, aligning with its goal to minimize its carbon footprint. This initiative has been well received by customers, who appreciate the café’s efforts in environmental conservation.
  • Cost Reduction: Eliminating the purchase of bottled water has led to considerable cost savings for Enjoy Mie Café. These savings have been redirected towards improving the café’s offerings and services, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The introduction of Crystella sparkling water has been a hit among the café’s patrons. The quality and taste of the water, combined with the café’s environmental initiatives, have strengthened customer loyalty and attracted new patrons who value sustainability.


Enjoy Mie Café’s partnership with Crystella has proven to be a resounding success. By integrating Crystella’s sparkling water system, the café has addressed its storage and environmental challenges head-on, resulting in increased operational efficiency, reduced costs, and enhanced customer satisfaction. This transition exemplifies how businesses can embrace sustainability without compromising on quality or service. Enjoy Mie Café has set a commendable example for others in the industry, demonstrating that small changes can lead to significant positive impacts on the environment and the bottom line.

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