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With the first order of your new Crystella Cylinders, you will get 1x credit for return & recycle. You can return specific brands of 2.2L CO2 cylinders in the original Crystella delivered carton (box).

We will only collect cylinders in the original re-usable Crystella carton. Crystella cartons have all the legally required markings for safe cartage of cylinders.

Crystella will only accept compatible 2.2L CO2 Cylinders from Zip™, Billi™, Waterlogic™, Puretec™ & Bromic™  in your first order for return & recycle. *See Terms & Conditions

There are two cylinders in the original Crystella carton (box). You only get one free re-usable carton to return for recycling, so our suggestion is to save your empty cylinders and when you have two, place them in the Crystella original carton and book in your return for collection. Each new order of 2x Pack Cylinders provides you with 1x Credit to Return and Recycle (a 2x pack of empty Cylinders).

All cylinders purchased entitle you to recycle credits for the same number of cylinders to be picked up and returned for recycling.



  • If you ordered 1x (2pack Crystella Cylinders SKU: CR9002000) you are entitled to return 1x 2-pack of empty cylinders (1 credit issued per 2pack)
  • If you ordered 2x (2pack Crystella Cylinders SKU: CR9002000) you are entitled to return 2x 2-pack of empty cylinders (you will have received 2x Credits)

Recycle Pickup:

Empty Cylinders will be picked up from the shipping address Next Business Day Mon-Frid (orders placed before 2pm EST). Unfortunately we cannot advise the time of pickup.

  • Empty recycle cylinders MUST be ready for pickup in original cylinder carton for safe cartage and recycling
  • Courier will provide labels and affix to carton/s on pickup
  • Should the recycle carton (with 2x empties) NOT be available for pickup when the courier arrives to collect, this will be considered as a futile collection. Crystella has pre-paid.
  • The courier will NOT return to collect carton. The system automatically flags goods as collected and cannot be re-collected.


Credits for return recycle expire after 12 months from purchase of Cylinders from Crystella.



  • If you purchase cylinders on 4 May 2022, you have until 3 May 2023 to order a return recycle pickup using the credit provided when purchasing cylinder/s.

When you purchase your new Crystella CO2 cylinders (2x pack), you will receive 1x credit for return & recycling.

When you have 2x empty CO2 2.2L cylinders, order a Return & Recycle with your credit.

To order a Return for Recycling login (with your username & password):

Pack your 2x empty cylinders into the re-usable Crystella carton. Ensure that the carton is ready for collection. The courier will provide a label on collection of cylinders. (The courier is only available to collect once and the Recycle Credits will marked as used). If pickup is unsuccessful, the credit will be marked as used.

If you purchase multiple packs of cylinders from Crystella (2x cylinders in a pack), you will be allocated multiple credits to Return & Recycle cylinders (2x cylinders in a pack).

You can then order multiple return & recycles at different stages when you have 2x empty cylinders to return.

Crystella 2.2L Gas Cylinders contain 1,300g of CO2 gas. This equates to an average of 260Litres of Sparkling Water from a single Crystella Cylinder.

Other brands of cylinders may contain 1,100g to 1,200g of CO2 which equates to 220Litres to 240Litres of Sparkling Water.

Changing a Crystella CO2 gas cylinder is safe and easy

  • On the empty cylinder, turn the regulator off. The gauge will drop to zero
  • Unscrew the regulator from the cylinder and put it aside
  • Remove the cap on the full cylinder and screw onto the regulator
  • You’ll hear a “Whoosh” from the valve. Don’t worry this is only a release of CO2 gas. CO2 is completely harmless and non-flammable. It’s the same as opening a soft drink bottle. Keep screwing until it is tight
  • To turn the gas back on, turn the regulator tap clockwise until it reaches 3.5 bar pressure

Once you have two empty cylinders, order a free return & recycle