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Crystella 2.2L CO₂ Cylinder (2 Pack) + Recycling


Crystella’s ReCylinder: Enjoy sparkling water with our 2.2L Food Grade CO2 twin pack. We’re proud to be part of Australia’s first recycling program. With every purchase, we include free pick-up and recycling.

Fits Most Brands: Our cylinders fit well with Zip™ (part# 91295), Billi™ (part# 99611 / 996912), additionally most other leading sparkling water dispensers using an M10 Regulator would likely be compatible. Watch our video to learn how to replace your old Cylinders.

More Bubbles: Get 20% more bubbles with Crystella. Plus, our cylinders give you an extra 60L of sparkling water.

Easy to Switch: Our cylinders can replace those from big brands like Zip™, Billi™, and more. Need help? Watch our how-to video.

Learn More: Check our Terms and Conditions for details and our Nifty FAQ’s

  • Disposable gas cylinder (not refillable)
  • Contents: 1300g
  • Tare: 2700g
  • Test Pressure: 165 bar
  • Formula: Food Grade C0₂
  • Pre-filled for immediate use
  • Full C0₂ carbon dioxide bottle/cylinder 2.2L (1.3kg)
  • Dimensions 340 mm (H) x 100 mm (D)
  • Volume (V) 2.2 L
  • Contents 10,000 kPa (C0₂ : 1.3kg)
  • Carton Weight 5.4kg (2 cylinders)
  • Gas Mixture Impurities CO₂ (Liquid phase) >99.9% Moisture: <100ppm
  • Non-flammable & Non-toxic
  • Gas Composition Carbon Dioxide 99.9%
  • It comes with a M10X1 thread compatible with disposable C0₂ regulators

How the Crystella ReCylinder Return & Recycle works:

  1. Check your current cylinders have an M10 thread to ensure Crystella are compatible with your water system. If so,
  2. Buy a twin pack of Crystella CO₂ cylinders (when you purchase, your account will be created)
  3. Wait to receive your delivery. You will receive tracking via email
  4. Remove the full Crystella cylinders from the box and place your two empty cylinders in. Seal the box
  5. Log into your Crystella Account and order a Return & Recycle with your credit
  6. Place the box outside the front door or at reception. Our freight company will collect, they’ll have all the paperwork
  7. Feel great! You’ve chosen a sustainable solution, by reducing waste for a better environment

*For more information see Terms and Conditions

  • Width: 106mm
  • Height: 352mm (each)
  • Depth:  106mm
  • Weight: 5.4kg (2 pack)
  • 2.2 Litres per Cylinder
  • Replace Zip™ 91295 Cylinders (Compatible)
  • Suitable for Zip HydroTap™ or Zip Chilltap™
  • Replace Billi™ 996911 / 996912 Cylinders (Compatible)
  • Replace Bromic™ 1811526 Cylinders (Compatible)
  • Suitable for PURETEC™ SPARQ S4 Part # SPARQ-CO2
  • Contents: 2X 1300g  food quality grade C0₂  (ideal for sparkling water)
  • Volume: Makes up to 260L Sparkling Water (each cylinder)
  • Thread: M10
  • Quantity: 2 Cylinders
  • The 2.2-litre disposable gas cylinders have a much larger capacity and are filled to a much higher pressure than conventional disposable cylinders currently available