Crystella Glass Water Bottle

$25 + GST

SKU: CR0201001

Increased capacity or needing some replacements? The unique Crystella glass bottles are identical to the ones that are provided with our Crystella sparkling water system. Don’t be left without bottles to serve to customers. These bottles are sold in packs of 12.


Made from durable heavy weight glass the Crystella glass bottle stores up to 750ml & has been designed for the heavy usage requirements of the hospitality & service industry. When filled the Crystella bottle takes on a cool blue tint along with the unique Crystella circular logo the bottle is sure to stand out and draw attention from your customers. Serve your premium product from the premium bottle designed to enhance the visuals of the sparkling water.

The glass bottles feature a punt in the bottom, are dishwasher safe & environmentally friendly recyclable. The Crystella glass water bottles are sold in packs of 12. If you are after a large replacement quantity please contact us.

Key reasons to purchase our Crystella Glass Water Bottles are:

  • Environmentally friendly dishwasher safe & recyclable.
  • Heavy durable glass manufacturing.
  • Features a punt for ease of service & structural integrity.
  • Striking blue tinted glass when filled.


Material: Glass
Dimensions: 80.5mm (H) x 298mm (D)
Capacity: 750ml
Quantity: 12