Black Fire Restaurant

“Since installing the Crystella Still and Sparkling Tap we’ve definitely increased sales… the product is cost-effective, which passes onto the customer as well.”


“Every time a client comes into the office, we offer a bottle of Crystella… it gives a good professional impression. Always available, always fresh.” – Dan

Speedos Cafe Bondi

“Our customers appreciate ice cold, filtered sparkling water with their meals. This has been hugely beneficial both economically and environmentally.” – Sarah

Celsius Coffee Co.

“I don’t think I’ll ever go back to bottled. It is much easier for us to have it on tap. Crystella helps us take our coffee to the next level.” – Steven Chrun

Bekka Restaurant

“Crystella is a whole lot better than bottled mineral water. Its fresh and healthy… it goes beautifully with the flavours of the food. The system as a whole looks great.”

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