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The business case for the Crystella Sparkling Water system is clear. Let us help you improve your profitability

Switch from Bottled Water to On-TAP Sparkling Water

Boost Your Bottom Line


In the ever-evolving world of hospitality and workplace amenities, businesses are constantly seeking ways to improve their offerings while keeping costs in check. One solution that appeals to a wide range of businesses, including cafés, restaurants, offices, and hotels, is the adoption of on-tap sparkling water systems. This article will explore the advantages of switching to Crystella’s on-tap sparkling water solution, both as a revenue-generating product and as a complimentary offering, highlighting the benefits for clients, staff, and the bottom line.

The Business Case for On-Tap Sparkling Water

Cost Savings and Profit Potential

Whether you choose to sell on-tap sparkling water or offer it at no charge, the low cost of a Crystella re-fillable bottle, is as low as $0.13 cents, when compared to up to $3.50 for an imported bottle. This difference presents a significant cost reduction. This translates to increased profits if you sell the water or a more attractive value proposition if provided for free, which is possible given its low cost.

Most of Crystella’s clients choose to sell their sparkling water for around $4.00, which translates to a saving for their clients and an increase in profits which can be more than $2.00 per bottle.

Our smallest clients, typically cafes with about 20 seats would sell about 48 bottles per week and would add more than $500 in profit per month to their bottom line. Our larger clients, with on average 50-100 seats, can expect to add more than $1000 per month to their bottom line.  These conservative estimates alone are sufficient to make the business case to switch to Crystella’s on-tap sparkling solutions.

Operational Efficient

No more time spent ordering stock, offloading trucks, re-stocking fridges and disposing of waste. The need for additional space under your counter, in your fridge and in your storeroom is also eliminated. These costs, sometimes hidden from your accounting system, can be significant to your business’s overall health.

The Competitive Advantage of On-Tap Sparkling Water


Attracting Eco-Conscious Customers and Employees

Offering on-tap sparkling water appeals to an increasingly environmentally conscious audience, helping you attract and retain clients and staff who prioritise sustainability. This increases your overall brand proposition and customer and staff loyalty.

Standing Out from the Crowd

By providing on-tap sparkling water, you differentiate your business from competitors who only offer imported options, which are costly and negatively impact the planet. Society no longer accepts and supports businesses who show little care for the environment.

Enhanced Customer and Employee Experience

Offering a customizable, fresh, and eco-friendly product enhances the overall experience for both customers and employees, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.


The business case for incorporating on-tap sparkling water into your hospitality business or workplace is undeniable. The cost savings, environmental benefits, and improved customer and employee satisfaction make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their offerings, reduce expenses, and create a more sustainable operation. By embracing this innovative and eco-friendly solution, you can set your business apart from the competition and provide a better experience for clients and staff alike.

With Crystella’s sparkling water system, your business can efficiently eliminate the need for single-use plastic and glass bottles. This sustainable solution reduces your environmental impact while providing unlimited filtered, chilled still and sparkling water on demand.



Environmentally Friendly

On-tap sparkling water systems eliminate the need for plastic bottles and reduce the transportation costs and emissions associated with importing bottled water, resulting in a more sustainable business model and a better overall impression in the eyes of your customers and staff.