How to change a Crystella CO2 gas cylinder – literally, a child can do it

People often seem intimidated by gas cylinders yet they’re actually quite benign. If you have a sparkling water system in your home or office, it’s worthwhile learning how to change the CO2 cylinders. Now we’ll admit that some systems can be a little trickier. Happily, with the Crystella cylinder changes, you don’t have to run through any on-screen instructions or consult a manual. Simply check your machine type manual for instructions on changing a gas cylinder. There won’t be any water leakage when you change the cylinder, and you won’t need any tools. To be frank, even a child can do it, it’s that safe and simple. (Screw-off / Screw-on with Crystella safety valve system.)

The first thing you need to know is that there’s nothing to worry about when you hear the “WHOOSH!” of air that may come from the valve. This is exactly the same as opening a bottle of soft drink. Remember the old ‘Schweppervescence’ ads? That was a precious sound, certainly nothing to be afraid of! It’s merely the sound of carbon dioxide – a completely harmless and non-flammable gas – escaping from the bottle, or in this case, cylinder.

Crystella’s CO2 cylinders feature a simple screw-on, screw-off configuration (with M10 thread). They have a valve, so no gas leaks out. Cylinders are 100% compatible with major brand cylinders including Zip™, Billi™, Waterlogic™, Puretec™ and Bromic™.

Watch Crystella’s cylinder exchange video here 

Safe, easy, economical, and enjoyable

We want you to thoroughly enjoy your Crystella CO2 Gas sparkling water, so we’ve made the system as easy as possible to use and provide excellent value. Crystella is part of the Bromic Group, a global leader in gas, plumbing and refrigeration, with a history dating back 40 years. We’re truly experts that you can count on for a safe and simple sparkling water system.

  • No complicated technology.
  • No tools required.
  • No need to pay a technician to come and change your cylinders.
  • We deliver your cylinders for free.
  • We collect your empty cylinders for free and return them to the steel recycling system.
  • We transport the cylinders using a fully compliant freight company.
  • Crystella cylinders deliver up to 30% more sparkling water than most other leading brands.

Crystella is on-tap sparkling water, made easy. Learn more.