Sparkling Water Taps for the Australian Market

Sparkling Up Your Life: We Explore one of the Best Sparkling Water Taps Down Under

Who would have guessed that the ultimate thirst quencher would come straight from your water on tap? But not just any tap. I’m talking about the cutting-edge tech that turns ordinary Australian tap water into a glass of refreshing, bubbly, chilled water. That’s right, we’re talking about sparkling water taps. If your tongue is already hanging out for a sip, then hang tight as we compare the best sparkling water taps available in the Australian market.

Not Just Tap Dancing: The Perks of Owning a Sparkling Water Tap

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Why should your business swap out your regular cold water tap for a sparkling water one? For starters, they help eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles. You can fill up glasses of water or reusable bottles with a delightful fizz, saving the environment and money simultaneously. Now that’s something to tap about!

Crystella: One of Australia’s Leading Sparkling Water Tap Providers

Looking for a sparkling water tap? Well, you might want to know about Crystella. We don’t just dabble in tap water; we are redefining the way Australians hydrate, one sparkling sip at a time. Our premium range of sparkling water taps and machines bring a touch of charm to your commercial kitchen design along with a whole lot of savings and eco-friendliness.

Recylinder: The Sparkling Powerhouse

Crystella’s Recylinder is the sparkling water equivalent of the Green Lantern’s power ring. This 2.2L CO2 gas cylinder twin pack can produce up to 20% more sparkling water than your average cylinder. And the best part? It plays nice with Zip Water™, Billi™ systems, and other systems that use 2.2L Cylinders.

With Recylinder, you never have to worry about running out of bubbly delight in the middle of a meeting or on a sunny afternoon in your cafe or residential home. Its exceptional capacity ensures that the fizz never fades, turning your hydration needs into an effervescent, enjoyable experience. Plus, Recylinder is the only cylinder recycling program in the country for non-refillable 2.2L cylinders, making for a greener, more sustainable experience all-round.

Crystella's Recylinder (2.2L Gas Cylinder Twin Pack)

Countertop System: Your Compact Hydration Station

Ever felt like a chilled glass of sparkling water but didn’t have enough space in your corporate kitchen? Crystella’s got you covered. The Solos Ultra-Compact Benchtop SC12 Kit is like a mini bar that sits right on your countertop. And it’s not just about the size; this kit comes with the power to fill two 750ml bottles in less than 60 seconds!

What’s more, this compact hydration station adds an element of modern elegance to any kitchen. It’s a piece of functional tech that’s also a conversation starter, turning ordinary hydration into a unique, enjoyable experience that leaves guests marvelling at your forward-thinking setup.

Countertop System - sparkling water glass bottles

Underbench System: High-volume, Low Visibility

Ideal for commercial applications such as restaurants, bars, and hotels, Crystella’s Primavera CX13-B2-Tap with Kit is a dual tap underbench system that doesn’t compromise on efficiency or style. Providing a continuous supply of both still and sparkling drinking water, it’s a must-have for any hospitality business striving for customer satisfaction.

Additionally, its sleek design and hidden setup free up counter space, maintaining the aesthetics and flow of your establishment. Its robust construction also ensures long-lasting performance, keeping guests and patrons satisfied with an endless supply of premium, chilled sparkling water.

Tap Into Savings and Sustainability with Sparkling Water Taps

With a sparkling water tap, the benefits bubble over. Not only do they offer an affordable, on-demand supply of chilled, filtered, still or carbonated water, but they’re also an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic bottles. Talk about an ideal solution for people!

Beyond these primary advantages, our sparkling water taps can even help reduce your carbon footprint. By cutting back on the transportation and disposal of bottled water, you’re supporting a more sustainable world. Plus, with convenience and proven cost-savings, you’re bringing the luxe life home in an eco-friendly way.

 Cost Savings - Icon

Cost Savings: More Bubbles, Less Trouble

Did you know that you could save a substantial amount by installing a sparkling water tap? Think about it. With costs as low as $0.13 per serving compared to the whopping $3.5 average for bottled water, it’s clear why sparkling water taps are making waves in the Australian market.

Plus, the savings extend beyond just the costs of the water. You also cut back on expenses related to storage and disposal of plastic bottles. Add to that the savings in time and effort, and the value proposition of a sparkling water tap becomes even more attractive.

Convenience and Operationa icon

Convenience and Operational Ease: A Tap Walk in the Park

With a sparkling water tap, there’s no need to worry about restocking bottles or freeing up fridge space. You get a continuous supply of purified, chilled, still, or sparkling water. And you could enjoy this superior quality sparkling water on demand in your home or business.

These taps are user-friendly and require minimal maintenance. With easy-to-use controls and straightforward cleaning procedures, they ensure that a refreshing glass of sparkling water is always just a turn of the tap away.

Eco-friendly Icon

Environmental Responsibility: A Greener Future On-Tap

The environmental impact of single-use plastics is no laughing matter. Thankfully, sparkling water taps offer a sustainable solution. By switching to these on-tap systems, you’re not just choosing convenience and cost-effectiveness; you’re also doing your part for a greener future.

Additionally, by adopting this green innovation, you are setting an example for others to follow. Making the switch to sparkling water taps signals your commitment to a more sustainable lifestyle and encourages others to consider their environmental impact as well. Together, we can create a more sustainable world, one sparkling water tap at a time.

Wrapping It Up: Sparkle All the Way

It’s clear that sparkling water taps are more than just a fancy kitchen upgrade for your canteen. They’re a testament to innovation and a nod to environmental responsibility. So, whether you’re considering a kitchen renovation for your corporate establishment, looking for a space-saving solution for your bar, or just a fan of that delightful fizz in your office space, a sparkling water tap is worth considering.

Whether you’re a corporate business owner, hotel owner, or run a cafe or restaurant, choosing the right tap can make all the difference. With their premium range of taps & products, including the Recylinder, Countertop System, and Underbench System, Crystella offers sparkling water taps that deliver in terms of cost savings, operational ease, and environmental sustainability.

So, the next time you feel the heat down under, just remember that the refreshing, sustainable benefits of sparkling water are just a tap away.