Plastic water bottles
as avoidable rubbish

Did you know that a plastic bottle can take 1,000 years to break down? Every year on Cleanup Australia Day, plastic bottles feature in the top 10 most common rubbish items collected.

It’s estimated that only around 36 percent of plastic water bottles are ever recycled, with the rest – approximately 373 million bottles – simply ending up as rubbish.

Be a sustainability legend while
enjoying other benefits too

You can play a meaningful role in reducing environmental waste by eliminating bottled water from your business.

By choosing a responsible solution instead – filtered, chilled, sparkling and still water on-tap – you significantly reduce your impact on the environment and enjoy many additional benefits at the same time.

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Consumers enjoy seeing environmentally
positive solutions in action

More and more, consumers are embracing environmentally positive solutions and directing their loyalty towards businesses
who also do.

Make yours the business that consumers choose because of your sustainability values. Offer filtered, chilled, sparkling or still tap water and your customers will gladly get on board.

Save face around sustainability initiatives

‘Buy local’ can apply to drinking water too! More and more, consumers are choosing to spend their money with businesses that deploy sustainability initiatives. Mention your Crystella system on your social media and demonstrate the fact that you care about the environment.

Show your Environmental Commitment

Learn more about how Crystella’s on-tap sparkling water system will position
you as a sustainability legend while reducing your environmental impact.