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We provide Peace-of-Mind for you to focus on your daily business. Quick and easy online demo’s, site inspection and installation. Crystella specialist teams are experienced. Backed by Bromic with over 130 people, we provide proven solutions. Our team will assist in answering any questions and explain why leading hospitality venues and workplaces choose Crystella on-tap sparkling water. We don’t believe in sales “fluff”, just facts. Our team understands the importance of profit and sustainability, as well as the benefits of rentals.

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Profit Making

The Crystella solution provides you with high profit margin opportunities. A 750ml bottle of sparkling water can cost as little as 13c to refill. Serve 20+ bottles of sparkling water per day and you can make more than $10,000 additional profit per annum on sparkling water.


Cost Saving

With Crystella, you save on ordering and free up valuable fridge space. Preserve your cash tied up in pre-purchased stock. Save costs on disposal of empty bottles. With Crystella, you will reduce your workload and never run out of stock. Learn more about saving with Crystella.

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The Crystella Difference

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Environmentally friendly
Sparkling Water On-Tap
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750ml Crystella Pure, Still & Sparkling Bottle

Crystella and Sustainability

Crystella is committed to sustainability and the environment by minimising waste of bottles. We have removed the need for single use plastic bottles with re-fillable and re-usable glass bottles.

An average 100 seater busy restaurant uses over 3,650x plastic bottles of Sparkling Water per year (10 per day). With Crystella’s Solution, glass premium branded re-fillable bottles, you can refill again and again. This equates to 10x re-fillable bottles per year.

This is the Crystella solution to sustainability.

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Why Choose Crystella Water?

Crystella was born from a passion to create a better instantaneous purified water that is a purer and more sustainable alternative to pre-bottled sparkling and chilled water. Italian designed and backed by over 40 years of engineering experience, Crystella is a premium quality purified water installation that can enhance and compliment any dining experience. Learn more about Crystella’s benefits.

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It’s our and your commitment to sustainability. We provide refillable
bottles for free, giving you peace of
mind so you can do what you do best.

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Huge Savings, Massive Profits

We reduce your costs instantly. Free
easy installation and fixed costs. No
surprise bills (Rentals only). Ask about
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You select your revenue
and pricing

Crystella can be sold with various options to your customers. The most popular options include “sell by the bottle”, “sell as a cover charge per head”, “sell as part of a per head package” and “sell as a package with coffee”.

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Specialists in water and gas products for over 40 years with over 130 staff. Quick and reliable service when you need it most.

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Eating with Few Bottles of Crystella Sparkling Water


Sparkling water gets its name from the bubbles and gas that rise up, which is a result of the carbon dioxide infused into it (CO2 is the gas we get in fizzy drinks) . Bubbles or Fizz, make sparkling water more refreshing as a beverage option. Sparkling water is considered more healthy than soft drink, as it doesn’t require artificial sweeteners, Syrups and colours.

A top-of-the-line commercial water filtration system will run clean filtered water through a carbonating machine, usually stored Under counter or Countertop, and dispense it as sparkling water through taps. This allows the customers to enjoy instantaneous sparkling water on-tap, whenever they want. Always cold, always fresh.

There are a few reasons why sparkling water solutions are often the default drink of choice for professional establishments. For one, it’s calorie- and chemical-free, making it a healthier option than sugary drinks. Additionally, sparkling water solutions have a more upscale and luxurious appearance than regular tap water, making it a more fitting drink choice for high-class venues. Finally, carbonated water from re-usable and re-fillable glass bottles is environmentally friendly.

Yes, sparkling water can be consumed with any meal. Sparkling water has a neutral and refreshing taste, hence will not change the flavour of your foods. This makes Sparkling Water the ideal carbonated beverage with all meals as well as fine dining. Ideal for busy restaurants and cafes and offices. Often served to compliment good coffee.

Some people find drinking sparkling water with coffee allows them to cleanse their palate and enjoy the coffee flavour more. Additionally, many coffee drinkers appreciate the refreshing taste of sparkling water, which can help offset the heaviness of coffee.

In addition to being a palate cleanser, sparkling water is a great way to hydrate. It’s calorie-free, contains no sugar or artificial sweeteners and is naturally carbonated. This makes it a healthy choice for those seeking an occasional alternative to regular tap water.

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