A unique solution for spent CO2 cylinders

ReCylinder is an Australian first, the only organisation in the Australian marketplace that fully recycles CO2 cylinders used for sparkling water. Not only that, but we deliver for free and collect for free, all compliantly, with genuine care and attention to safety and the environment.

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ReCylinder is kinder to the Environment


Did you know that when CO2 cylinders are dumped into landfill, they don’t decompose at all?
On the other hand, recycling the cylinders to turn them into steel for new products uses a
whopping 75% less energy than starting with virgin materials.

Kudos to you!

If you use a sparkling water system in your home or office, you already know how much you’ve reduced your environmental footprint. Kudos to you! You’ve done away with plastic water bottles and you’re now enjoying unlimited filtered, sparkling water from the tap.

Taking it one
step further!

ReCylinder takes sustainability, convenience and social responsibility even further. We exist to take a bit of pressure off the environment, by diverting these bulky steel cylinders away from landfill and inserting them into the recycling system as fully reusable steel.

Making a sustainable difference

All 2.2L CO2 cylinders are recyclable yet until ReCylinder came along, almost 100% of them were being sent to landfill because the alternative is a costly proposition. ReCylinder was established to do the right thing, by consciously prioritising the environment.

Make a Difference Together

As a ReCylinder customer, you’ll benefit from being able to do everything online,
without having to leave your office or home. Simply
order and pay online for your
new cylinders
and we’ll deliver right to your door.