How to Use Sparkling Mineral Water on Tap to Reduce Your Operating Costs

If you own a restaurant or business, bottled water can often feature in your day-to-day operations. You may be familiar with the substantial cost of a constant supply of bottled drinking water for your staff or clientele. It may, then, surprise you to realise that the consumption of water can actually result in cutting costs for your business with the right mineral tap water systems in place.

Take, for example, Crystella’s still and sparkling water taps compared with the classic single-use plastic or glass bottled water. The bottled water industry relies on the perception that their premium products will give people pure-tasting water with a refreshing taste. They are a popular choice, but they are costing your business a lot. In contrast, a Crystella system has no upfront costs and can cost as little as a few dollars a day. A Crystella on-tap system starts paying off immediately as you remove your reliance on plastics.

woman holding plastic water bottles

1. The Cost of Plastic Bottles

Let’s consider the ubiquitous plastic water bottle. Still or carbonated, the cost attached to bottled water goes beyond its purchase price. Businesses invest heavily in appliance infrastructure and maintenance for bottle storage. Furthermore, the handling time and labour costs related to these bottled water systems can be burdensome.

We all know that single-use plastics are major contributors to pollution and negatively impact the environment. Interestingly, it costs companies more to offer plastic bottled water in their restaurants or corporate environments. Not only does plastic have a greater environmental impact due to waste disposal, but its manufacturing, transportation, delivery, use, and disposal also place a burden on manufacturing/, transportation, and disposal companies to do more and spend more to ensure ethical practices.

A much better option is a sparkling mineral water tap system. These are installed once and come with a maintenance plan. Crystella systems even come with classy, reusable glass bottles that can be filled, refilled, and reused. Instead of increasing your carbon footprint and your plastic waste disposal indicators, you could enjoy premium refreshment with a clear conscience and fuller pockets.

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2. The Cost of Maintenance

When you switch to sparkling filtered water taps, maintenance costs reduce significantly. These sparkling water systems require only a periodic cartridge and CO2 change. By following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, you’re ensuring an efficient, instant sparkling water tap system with chilled and sparkling filtered water on-tap, without extra expenses.

With Crystella systems, this becomes even easier. As one of Australia’s top sparkling or still water tap companies, we offer support, maintenance, installation, and all the assistance you may need to make your system the most convenient and workable for your needs. You can say goodbye to single-use bottles or the stress of maintaining fridges, ordering and disposing of plastic containers, or finding inferior filtration and gas that must constantly be replaced. Get in touch with us today to find out how our solutions can enhance your corporate or commercial environment.

reduce use of bottled water in business

3. The Cost of Waste Management

Sparkling water tap systems supersede traditional bottled water in terms of waste management. Gone are the disposal costs! By replacing a business’s bottled water with an all-in-one tap system, you essentially quicken the conversion process from waste-generating to zero-plastic. Not having to dispose of hundreds or even thousands of plastic bottles significantly reduces the amount of waste a business produces, which also lowers its waste management costs. More importantly, it’s an eco-conscious decision that helps conserve our planet.

After installing a Crystella on-tap sparkling water system, businesses are expected to see a return on investment in the form of lower waste disposal costs, less storage space for bottled water, and savings in buying bottled water. In addition, companies that make a visible effort towards sustainability can also benefit in the eyes of their customers, employees, and the wider public.

plastic bottles polluting the environment

4. The Cost to The Environment

Sparkling water taps and systems ramp up the sustainability quotient. With our systems, you get crystal clear filtered water that is chilled still and sparkling water on demand and always ready at the pull of a level. The convenience is enjoyable, but the clear benefits when it comes to sustainability make Crystella a must-have for any eco-conscious establishment.

According to several studies, consumers are more likely to patronize businesses that demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability. The Nielsen’s Global Corporate Sustainability Report of 2015 found that 66% of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable brands, with a notable increase amongst younger generations.

By adopting a sparkling water tap system, businesses not only save operational costs, but also make a credible movement towards green initiatives. Far from being merely a cost-effective measure, this systems shift may help positively shape a business’s brand image, fostering stronger relations with conscious consumers and attracting potential customers. When your company moves away from carbonated water bottle usage to a commercial sparkling water system, you’re limiting CO2 emissions. You can now also drink from a chill, carbonated sparkling water source while opting for environmental sustainability.

crystella's client using water tap system

5. The Researched Cost Savings of Crystella Systems

The cost savings made by switching to a sparkling water tap like Crystella are noteworthy. A business’s outgoing expenses drop substantially and operational efficiency improves. By having access to filtered sparkling water straight from the tap, businesses can focus on growth while remaining environmentally friendly.

You can save money by filling a 750ml bottle at an astonishingly low cost of around AU$0.13. And, if you own a bar or restaurant, you could potentially make up to AU$10,000 more per year by simply serving 20 bottles daily! And the most impressive number? Your ability to reduce the plastic waste in landfills by up to 62,000,000 when you become part of the solution.

miscreants cafe using refillable glass bottles

The Miscreants Café Case Study

Adopting Crystella’s refillable glass bottle system, Miscreants Café took a significant stride towards environmental stewardship, receiving positive feedback from patrons for its eco-friendly initiative, while also enhancing the establishment’s brand image. This strategic move not only contributed to a marked increase in coffee sales by offering free sparkling water but also substantially reduced overhead costs associated with purchasing and managing an inventory of imported bottled water.


You can explore our other case studies to see how our mineral water systems complement different environments and how they have helped other businesses drastically reduce costs and improve profits. Or you can chat to us today to get your hydration needs met the financially savvy, sustainably friendly way: the Crystella way.

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