Guide for Buying an Eco-Friendly Sparkling Water Dispenser for Businesses

Today’s discerning consumers are interested in more than just high-quality offerings. Modern consumers also prioritise brands and companies that have sustainable and eco-friendly business practices. One significant way businesses, especially in the hospitality industry, can align with these values is by installing a Crystella system.

Such a move taps into the growing market demand for eco-friendly alternatives but also offers a stylish, efficient solution for serving water. This guide is dedicated to helping you navigate through the options and considerations when selecting the perfect sparkling water dispenser for your business, ensuring it aligns with both your aesthetic and practical needs.

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Why Invest in a Sparkling Water Tap System Over Bottled Water?

  • Reducing the Use of Plastic Bottled Water

The environmental impact of single-use plastics is undeniable, with bottled water being a significant contributor to the problem. By opting for a Crystella system in your business, you are actively reducing the reliance on plastic bottles, thereby minimizing your carbon footprint.

Single-use plastic bottles pollute our oceans and fill our landfills, but Crystela systems come with glass reusable bottles that can be refilled over and over. The simple switch to Crystella demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and resonates with eco-conscious customers who prefer supporting environmentally responsible businesses.

  • Cost Efficiency of Switching from Bottled to Tap Dispensers

Compared to buying bottled water, the rental costs of a Crystella still and sparkling water system are surprisingly low, and the long-term savings are substantial. With a Crystella water dispenser system, the cost per litre of sparkling or still water dramatically decreases, allowing for better control over your expenses. We’re talking as low as $0.13c per 750ml bottle!

Additionally, the convenience of having chilled, sparkling water on tap at your office space, in your restaurant, or in your hotel increases operational efficiencies. You can also free up storage space and cut down on waste management costs associated with bottled water, all while enjoying the advanced technology of our systems and regular servicing by expert service technicians.

  • Enhanced Reputation Through Eco-Friendly Choices

Making eco-conscious decisions like adopting sparkling water taps and systems over bottled water benefits the environment but also elevates your brand’s image. Customers are more likely to support and promote businesses that take clear, tangible steps towards sustainability.

This positive reputation enhancement can translate into increased customer loyalty and potentially draw in a new clientele who prioritises environmental responsibility in their consumption choices. It’s the perfect solution for companies who truly prize sustainability and profitability.

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What to Look for in a Sparkling Water Tap System?

  • Filtration Quality for Tasting Water

The heart of an outstanding sparkling water system lies in its filtration. High-quality filters ensure that every glass of chilled sparkling or still water served is crisp, clean, and refreshing. Filtration technology can vary, so it’s crucial to look for a system that removes impurities and possible contaminants, thereby guaranteeing a top-notch drinking water experience for your customers.

Although Australia’s tap water is known to be pure and clean, filtration systems that remove impurities but leave healthy minerals in the water can further enhance the taste and healthiness of the water you serve. Top-quality and great-tasting water can enhance your workplace environment and increase employee satisfaction, too.

  • Capacity and Litre Output to Meet Business Needs

When selecting a sparkling water dispenser, consider the capacity and litre output to ensure it meets the demands of your operation. High-capacity systems like those from Crystella’s are ideal for busy restaurants and cafes where the option of sparkling water is in constant demand.

A high-capacity office water dispenser tap system is ideal for the busiest workplace and hospitality settings, but some may need a more modest system for their establishment. Assessing your average water usage can help pinpoint the perfect sized dispenser, balancing the need for efficiency with uninterrupted service. If you’re unsure about your capacity needs, you can chat with us today for assistance.

  • Stylish Tap Designs to Elevate Hospitality Settings

Beyond functionality, the design of water taps has become an integral aspect of interior decoration in hospitality settings. The latest sparkling water taps and systems come in a variety of styles, from sleek and modern to classic and elegant, allowing you to find a match that enhances your aesthetic. An attractively designed tap serves as a focal point, subtly contributing to the overall customer experience.

Some may prefer a countertop water dispenser system that enhances the look of your kitchen. But, if space is limited, you can also select an underbench system that makes the most of the space you have.

  • Convenient Rental Plan with Payment Options

There are a wide range of options to consider for your still and sparkling water tap, and many can be pricey. Instead of opting for the expensive options, you can choose a Crystella rental plan with a free installation and maintenance agreement. It’s the perfect choice for any size establishment that removes risk, the burden of maintenance, and the stress of replacing filters and more. You simply get the best solution for your Australian business with superior convenience and low costs.

plumbing kitchen sink for water system maintenance

Installation and Maintenance: Keeping Your Sparkling Water System Running

  • Setting Up Your Sparkling Water Dispenser

Professional installation of your sparkling water system is pivotal to ensure optimal functionality and longevity. Expert technicians can assess the site, advise on the best placement for the dispenser, and ensure that the system is correctly connected, including the CO2 connection for carbonation.

Proper setup lays the foundation for a seamless operation. Our team of service staff are ready to assist with free installation for all our rental clients. We also include preventative maintenance, filter changes, and more with a nationwide team ready to make your Crystella experience even more convenient.

  • Routine Maintenance to Ensure Quality and Taste

Regular maintenance of your sparkling water system is essential to maintain the highest quality and taste of water served. This includes periodic filter changes, cleaning of the dispenser, and checks to ensure the CO2 levels are consistent for perfect carbonation. Establishing a routine maintenance schedule safeguards your investment and ensures an uninterrupted supply of premium sparkling and still water. Of course, this is much easier with Crystella’s rental maintenance.

  • When to Contact Us for Support and Services

Even with diligent maintenance, occasional issues may arise. Knowing when to seek professional support and services for your sparkling water dispenser is crucial to prevent disruptions in service. Whether it’s a drop in water pressure, changes in taste, or technical malfunctions, expert assistance ensures any problems are swiftly addressed, keeping your operations smooth and your water quality pristine.

Our friendly customer service team is always ready to help. If the problem can’t be resolved on the phone, we’ll send out technicians to address the issues and get your system running smoothly again. With the national scale and backing from the renowned Bromic Group, you can trust that Crystella will keep your workplace hydration flowing without a hitch.

Australian Tap Solutions: Why Go Local for Your Water System?

Opting for Australian tap solutions for your sparkling water system supports local business and also ensures you have access to tailored services and support. Local providers like Crystella understand the specific needs and challenges of Australian businesses, offering systems that are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency. Going local also means quicker, more reliable service and maintenance, ensuring your sparkling water system operates flawlessly for years to come.

Investing in a sparkling water tap dispenser for your business is an eco-friendly, cost-efficient move that enhances your service quality and overall customer experience. With this guide, you can choose a system that aligns perfectly with your business needs, aesthetic preferences, and sustainability goals. Embrace the shift towards a more environmentally conscious and customer-oriented service today with Crystella, the ideal sparkling water system!

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