Crystella vs Competitors: The Australian Sparkling Water Tap Showdown

The hospitality industry’s newest trend is bubbling up, quite literally, with the widespread adoption of sparkling water taps. The significance of providing quality water cannot be overstated if you own a restaurant, bar, hotel, cafe, office, or even a wellness centre or office. With a growing emphasis on sustainability, health, and premium experiences, sparkling water taps have emerged as a game-changer.

In this comparison, we take a deep dive into three leading brands in this space and see how Crystella stacks up against it’s competitors, and which offers the best solution for your business?

     1. What Does Crystella Stand for?


Crystella takes pride in offering personalised professional service, a trait deeply rooted in their Australian heritage. Their expertise is grounded in over 40 years of Bromic quality engineering, deeply understanding the needs and wants of their primary market – small cafes, offices, and restaurants. Their partnership approach with customers, no matter how small, sets them apart in the industry, as they strive to deliver reliability, service, and quality systems.

2. What Is Crystella’s Offerings and Features?

Crystella is distinguished by its unrivalled quality and performance, showcasing chilled & sparkling solutions that echo their commitment to sustainability. Their products, particularly the Solos and Primavera systems, allow establishments to transition from single-use plastics to reusable glass, increasing profit margins while offering a greener alternative.

3. Sustainability and Environmental Commitment

Crystella champions sustainable drinking water solutions, pushing for a reduction in the usage of single-serve bottled water products. Their ground-breaking Recylinder program positions them as a pioneer in CO2 cylinder recycling in Australia. Their solutions allow hotels, cafes, restaurants, bars, offices, and other hospitality establishments to contribute to sustainability directly and indirectly by reducing plastic waste to landfill and by reducing wastage and pollution in the hospitality supply chain.

4. Integration with Hospitality Needs

Crystella recognises the diverse needs of the hospitality industry, offering products that cater to a variety of venues, from small cafes to offices and even high-end restaurants. Their solutions not only facilitate smooth business operations but also include comprehensive servicing, maintenance, and refills in their rental packages.

5. Pricing and Profit Opportunities

Crystella offers flexible pricing options that accommodate businesses of all scales. By reducing reliance on pre-packaged bottled water, venues can explore versatile revenue opportunities with Crystella’s solutions. Our on-tap sparkling and still systems will reduce your costs and more than pay for themselves. They are an investment in both the reduction of single-use bottles and operating costs.

Chilled Still & Sparkling Filtered Water Tap Specifications Comparison

Feature Competitor 1: Sparkling Taps Crystella Sparkling Water Systems Competitor 2 of Taps
Focus Sustainable water solutions Premium, Sustainable, Durable Water Systems Premium sparkling water system with design
Pouring Capacity Varies by system size (65 – 180ℓ per hour) Primavera: 150 x 750ml bottles per hour. Solos: 120 x 750ml bottles per hour. Notable capacity; style meets efficiency
Warranty Not specified Lifetime warranty for rental systems Triple guarantee including price beat policy
Pricing Structure Tailored solutions and pricing Rentals with promotions and discounts Deluxe Package with freebies and upgrades
Environmental Impact Vision to remove 30m single-use bottles Reusable bottles, Recylinder CO2 Cylinder recycling program, strong emphasis on sustainability Reusable bottles, eco-friendly practices
Design Exclusive design Compact all-in-one Italian design Italian design with a tech-savvy twist
Support Servicing team for maintenance and support & routine maintenance Free delivery, installation, annual services, filters, replacement parts & breakdown cover Free installation

How to Choose a Sparkling Filtered Tap Solution for My Hospitality Business?

Making the right choice between Crystella and competitors hinges heavily on your unique needs and preferences. If your utmost priority is to align with a provider renowned for reliability, exceptional service, and quality systems, then settling for Crystella would be your best bet. This brand pledges steadfastness and top-notch service, ingrained in over four decades of Bromic quality engineering, perfect for establishments that value a personalised professional touch and are determined to offer quality systems.

The Crystella Difference

The hospitality industry is at a juncture where quality, sustainability, and technology intersect.

Choosing between Crystella, and competitors depends on a venue’s priorities. In a world where every drop counts, the choice of sparkling water tap can redefine a venue’s commitment to quality and sustainability. Crystella stands out for quality, performance, sustainability, and value. In addition, a superior carbonation system means more bubbly for your clientele.

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