Sparkling water: Crystal clear savings
you may not even expect


Your customers expect various drinking water options when they visit. “Tap, still or sparkling?” you ask. Well, what if you could make an outstanding profit on your water sales and even provide chilled tap water without having to take up precious fridge space to keep it chilled?

This is just the start of the intelligent savings we can create for you. Crystella’s on-tap sparkling water system represents savings on multiple fronts, while delivering crisp, chilled sparkling or chilled water direct from your mains.

Save time

Your staff’s time can be better spent on more important tasks than dealing with bottled water inventory or mountains of discarded bottles. No more rotating water stocks, stacking fridges or collapsing boxes. And Crystella’s on-tap sparkling water is cold and ready to go at any time, without the need for fridge space for chilling.

Save on logistics around bottled water stocks

With a Crystella system in your business, you no longer have to order bottled water from a supplier, maintain inventory, fret over delayed deliveries and potentially run out of stock.

Save around cash flow

By installing a Crystella on-tap sparkling water system in your business, you eliminate any impact on your cash flow caused by the cases and cases of bottled water you would previously order.

Save on floor space and fridge space

Imagine not having to find space for all those cases of bottled water. That frees up space in your stores for higher value products, including in your fridges, among the most precious storage real estate of all in a hospitality business.

Save operationally

With your Crystella system positioned where it makes the greatest sense, you can save time and enhance the customer experience. Maybe it’s behind the bar or perhaps it’s at a front-of-house station so servers can access it more immediately when customers sit down.

Crystella for hospitality, corporate and retail

Crystella is a no-brainer for hospitality businesses including cafes, bars and restaurants. It’s also a smart system for corporate and retail environments where management, staff, clients and visitors can enjoy chilled sparkling or still water without the mess, expense or environmental impacts.

Discover how Crystella’s on-tap sparkling water system will save your specific business on multiple fronts. Call us on 1300 222 552 or book a virtual appointment now.

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