The benefits of renting a Crystella
on-tap sparkling water system


Renting the Crystella on-tap sparkling water system will be one of the more fruitful business decisions you make this year. Not only will you dispense with the logistics, waste, mess and expense of bottled water, but you’ll also add significant profit to your restaurant, café or bar’s bottom line. If using Crystella in an office, showroom, medical facility or other non-hospitality environment, you’ll be delighted with its ease of use, the quality and taste of the water, and the elegant convenience of the system.

Serve unlimited, filtered, chilled water, sparkling or still, at the simple flick of a tap. We even provide Crystella branded 750ml glass bottles for your use, all for free.

Zero hidden costs

Our rental agreements are as clear and transparent as the water itself. The Crystella rental arrangement is fuss-free and risk-free, with zero hidden costs. No bill shock for unscheduled servicing or breakdowns plus replacement parts, as all costs are covered by the one low weekly rental figure.

We take great pride in providing superior customer service along with our robust, easy-to-use on-tap sparkling water system.

No capital outlay

As a Crystella customer, you don’t outlay any upfront cost to purchase the equipment as it is supplied to you as a rental. Also, it’s important to note that equipment rental is an operation cost, not a capital cost, and can be deducted for tax purposes. Consultant your accountant for advice.

Delivered, installed and maintained for FREE

Your Crystella system is delivered and installed for you and we ensure it’s functioning perfectly in your chosen location so you can enjoy hassle-free operation from the very first glass or bottle. For the term of your rental, we also maintain it for free, which includes free filter changes, service, maintenance and hygiene checks.

Peace of mind through consultation

Before you agree to rent a Crystella system, we work with you to make sure the location is suitable for installation. We invite you to book an online appointment for a free consultation and demonstration of how the Crystella system works, your payment options and what’s required at the location.

This one-on-one live video session is conducted online with a member of our specialist team who will answer all your questions and outline the benefits for your business. You’ll be able to show them exactly where you want your Crystella system to go.

Straightforward installation

When your Crystella system arrives, an experienced installer will connect it for you and show you how it works. Don’t worry, it’s incredibly simple!

Backed by Bromic expertise and experience

Crystella is a brand under the Bromic Group umbrella. For more than four decades, Bromic has been an industry leader in heating, refrigeration, plumbing and gas. The Crystella system is Italian designed and fully endorsed by Bromic to be safe, easy to use, and low maintenance, delivering unlimited filtered and chilled sparkling and still water, on demand and hassle-free.

As a Crystella customer, you will benefit from Bromic’s dedicated technical service and support teams, available across Australia.

Are you ready to implement a smarter alternative to bottled water that comes to you with a straightforward, easy to understand rental agreement? Give us a call on 1300 222 552 or book your no-obligation virtual appointment now.

Cystella Sparkling Water System Rental
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