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Crystella on-tap chilled sparkling and still water is an affordable, efficient and sustainable alternative to bottled water. It’s the perfect solution for restaurant owners looking to offer refreshing beverages, minimise stock & ordering errors and utilise their team and fridge space correctly.

Crystella on-tap sparkling water can cost as little as 0.13c per bottle; this leads to astounding cost saving benefits when you factor in the low cost of labour to run this system. Crystella water offers you more storage space, reduced operational costs and more time to create! All for a fraction of the cost.

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Crystella Sparkling Water Bottle
Bar Area with Crystella Sparkling Water Tap System

Bars and Cafes

Crystella’s on-tap Sparkling Water System provides extensive benefits to any hospitality business. It is an affordable and sustainable solution that all hospitality business owners should consider as an alternative to bottled water. The Crystella system is the perfect addition to your bar or cafe if you are looking to improve the customers experience with a refreshing beverage at a lower cost. This system results in less wastage than bottled water, less labour (no heavy stock lifting) and less double handling.

The Crystella on-tap Sparkling system can be used as a cost effective palette cleanser when serving coffees, or a no-fuss, no clutter addition to cocktails; giving your mixologists and baristas more time to focus on their craft and improve their customers’ experience.


Take your hotel or accommodation venue to a new level of luxury by providing guests with the option of sparkling or still water upon arrival! The Crystella on-tap sparkling water system is easy to use and space efficient, making it the perfect addition to your lobby. Installing this system will allow guests to help themselves to a refreshing beverage while they check in; adding a touch of class to your venue without sacrificing your budget.

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Bowl of Bananas with Cystella Sparkling Water System
Crystella Sparkling Water Tap System Installed

Offices & Workplaces

Crystella Sparkling Water on-tap is the perfect dispenser for your office or workplace. With its minimalistic design, simple operation and refreshing stream of instant sparkling water, this dispenser remains a crowd favourite among office workers. See why leading companies choose Crystella for their workspaces.

Function Centres

We understand the value of providing your customer with a healthy Premium Beverage experience for your Function or Catering Venue.

Our systems provide high capacity output to suit your Venue. Our Premium Sparkling Water solution is made easy. Crystella offer free one-on-one online consulting. For Rentals we install, service and maintain your system. Crystella provides Premium Brand re-fillable bottles, to ensure sustainability and cost savings.

We specialise in Function, conferencing and catering venues across Australia.

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Crystella Sparkling Water Tap System for Kitchen
On-tap Sparkling Water for Residential

Specialty Venues

We also cater towards a range of speciality venues such as aquatic centres! Get in touch with a Crystella specialist to find out whether we can service your venue.

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