Where & How To Recycle CO2 Cylinders

Return & Recycle Empty Gas Cylinders

ReCylinder makes it easy to do the right thing

We’re so determined to reduce the negative impact on the environment that we deliver for free and collect for free, without any cost passed on to the customer.

We also supply the recycled cardboard cartons for you to use to return your spent cylinders. All you have to do is jump online and request a collection, which won’t cost you a cent.

100% compatible cylinders

Crystella 2.2L CO2 cylinders are 100% compatible with all other 2.2L Brand Cylinders for sparkling water systems.

No matter what system you’re currently using, as long as the regulator has a M10 thread (which is the Australian standard), you can choose ReCylinder.

Apart from the obvious recycling benefits, our cylinders also have more gas in them, which means better value for you!

It’s Easy to Replace your Empty Gas Cylinders

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We prioritise sustainability over profit

Recycling steel sparkling water cylinders is an expensive but noble pursuit. It’s certainly cheaper to dump them in landfill but it means missing a valuable opportunity to return that steel into the recycling life cycle.

The steel recovered from spent CO2 cylinders can be transformed into countless other steel items.

It’s also good to know that recycling steel uses 75 percent less energy than manufacturing steel out of raw materials.