Multi-Story Family Residence, Bondi, NSW

Steven K’s family enjoys sparkling water multiple times a day. Previously, the family were purchasing San Pellegrino which, in Steven’s own words, “was costing us a fortune”. Add to that, the sheer volume of plastic bottles that needed to be disposed of and it was clear a new solution would be needed.

The family had a Zip system installed which, initially, seemed like a brilliant idea. To have sparkling water available on tap, without the collection of plastic bottles, was highly convenient. But with the large amount of entertaining, family and friends, having the CO2 cylinders replaced by technicians, eventually became another huge expense.

“A Zip technician would come to replace the cylinders and take away the used ones and the fee would be $500!” Steven explains. “We were also concerned about the recycling of empty cylinders.”

Upon discovering Crystella cylinders and the ReCylinder exchange and recycle program, Steven immediately switched.

“ReCylinder takes the stress out of dealing with so many empty cylinders lying around and the huge costs to replace. They were accumulating in our kitchen, and taking up space and creating mess. With ReCylinder, we place the order for a two-pack of cylinders and receive them the next day.”

Steve continues, “We have quickly learned how to safely change a cylinder ourselves, it’s so easy and takes 2 minutes and saves us $300 each time”.

Steven greatly appreciates that ReCylinder picks up the spent cylinders and recycles them, solving the family’s environmental concerns at no additional cost.

“Now, not only do we get to enjoy fresh, sparkling water at the touch of a tap, we can also feel good about the way our used cylinders are being managed. As an added bonus, we note that we get more sparkling water from the Crystella cylinders than we ever did from our other ones.”

Recycled Carbon Dioxide Cylinders

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