ReCylinder’s CO2 cylinder recycling makes
a unique, sustainable difference


ReCylinder is an Australian first, the only organisation in the Australian marketplace that fully recycles the steel CO2 2.2L cylinders that are used for sparkling water. At every touchpoint, we aim to do the right thing … for the environment, for consumers and for handlers of the spent cylinders.

Currently, more than one hundred thousand 2.2L steel cylinders of various types of gas are used in Australia each year. It’s mind boggling to think of what that looks like in terms of the landfill impact. These steel cylinders do not decompose, and that presents a monumental problem for the environment.

Australia is one of the most wasteful countries in the developed world

One of the biggest culprits to end up in landfill are plastic water bottles. Thankfully, more and more consumers are jumping on the more sustainable bandwagon and choosing on-tap chilled, filtered and sparkling water systems like Crystella. But still, Australians are going through CO2 cylinders at an impressive rate, and ReCylinder exists to solve this growing issue.

Safe, compliant freight solutions

The unique ReCylinder solution diverts tens of thousands of CO2 cylinders per year away from landfill. Every individual cylinder – or pair of cylinders – must be transported safely. Because the contents are under pressure inside the cylinders, they can’t be sent via air transport due to risk of explosion at altitude. ReCylinder only uses freight carriers that carry an Australian Dangerous Goods license, whether new ones are being sent to customers or spent ones are being collected for recycling. Sadly, this can’t be said for cylinders transported in Australia by others who are less diligent.

We prioritise sustainability over profit

Recycling steel sparkling water cylinders is an expensive but noble pursuit. It’s certainly cheaper to dump them in landfill but it means missing a valuable opportunity to return that steel into the recycling life cycle. The steel recovered from spent CO2 cylinders can then be transformed into countless other steel items. And it’s also good to know that recycling steel uses 75 percent less energy than manufacturing steel out of raw materials.

ReCylinder makes it as easy as possible to do the right thing

We’re so determined to reduce the negative impact on the environment that we deliver for free and collect for free, without any cost passed on to the customer. We also supply the recycled cardboard cartons for you to use to return your spent cylinders. All you have to do is jump online and request a collection, which won’t cost you a cent.

Obviously, we’d love for you to purchase our Crystella CO2 cylinders to replace the ones you’re sending back for recycling. Our cylinders are compatible with all sparkling water systems. We will accept compatible 2.2L CO2 Cylinders from Zip™, Billi™, Waterlogic™, Puretec™ & Bromic™  in your first order for return and recycle. You’ll be pleased to know that Crystella cylinders contain more gas than most other comparable Brand cylinders, which means up to 30 percent more sparkling water for you to enjoy, at no extra cost.

Start your ReCylinder journey

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