How ReCylinder is reducing the impact of
CO2 cylinders on the environment


The tide is slowly turning on the tsunami of plastic bottles of sparkling water consumed in Australia. Thank goodness more and more consumers are turning to on-tap sparkling water systems that use CO2 cylinders. But even this doesn’t solve the environmental impact situation completely.

While CO2 cylinders provide a far more practical way of enjoying sparkling water at the home or office than carting boxes of plastic bottles around, the spent cylinders still have to be disposed of. Unfortunately, until ReCylinder came along, there was no other option than to dump the cylinders in landfill.

As at 2022, more than one hundred thousand 2.2L steel cylinders of various gas types are used by consumers in Australia every year. That’s a mountain of steel cylinders and what people don’t realise is, they don’t decompose! They also present a compacting danger because even when ‘empty’, they are still pressurised. In fact, steel cylinders should never be transported via any freight method other than one that is licensed to carry Australian Dangerous Goods.

So how does ReCylinder tackle these problems and reduce the impact of CO2 cylinders on the environment?

Steel is 100 percent recyclable so it’s a crying shame for all those cylinders to sit in landfill, fulfilling no further use. The 2.2L cylinders cannot be refilled and we believe that single-use anything is not acceptable.

  • ReCylinder reinserts the steel back into the life cycle – We safely manage the pressurisation of the cylinders then send the steel to be crushed, melted and manufactured into new steel goods.
  • Recycling steel uses far less energy – Recycling steel to be returned to the life cycle and made into new steel products uses a whopping 75 percent less energy than manufacturing from raw materials.
  • Safe freight of CO2 cylinders – At ReCylinder, we always aim to do the right thing. Gas cylinders must be transported safely so we only use Australian Dangerous Goods licensed contractors.
  • Make it easy for consumers – ReCylinder removes the effort, time and complexity of dealing with spent CO2 cylinders for consumers. In fact, we prioritise a portion of our profits to making it easy – and free – for you.

ReCylinder reduces the impact on you too!

We also make it easier for you, the consumer, to be environmentally responsible with minimal effort on your part. We love that you’ve switched from bottled water to an on-tap sparkling water system. That’s doing your bit!

Now we’d like to appeal to you to deal with the CO2 cylinders in a way that’s kinder to the environment. But don’t worry, not only will it take practically no time at all, you’ll also receive greater value than you’re receiving from the cylinders you currently use.

Jump online and order your free recycled carton and they’ll be delivered to your door. Put your spent CO2 cylinders in it and request a collection. We’ll come and pick them up for free and take them away for recycling and you won’t have to give them another thought. Now we’ll do this for one collection of any other brand of cylinder and then hope you’ll replace your spent ones with Crystella cylinders.

The great thing about ours is that they produce 30 percent more sparkling water than most other brands, and they’re compatible with Zip™, Billi™, Waterlogic™, Puretec™ and Bromic™ 2.2L cylinders ( M10 Thread).


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