Installation Checklist

CX13 or CX13-B


Download Checklist here




  • Appliance unpacked and checked for damage
  • Appliance positioned as per guidelines – Particularly the air flow and vents
  • Tap installation as per guidelines
  • Mains water pressure 350KPA, if not, appropriate components installed to obtain required pressure.
  • Plumbing connections installed as per guidelines
  • Mains electrical socket tested and connected as per guidelines
  • CO2 bottle connected and positioned as per guidelines
  • Unit started and tested, confirmed as fully operational
    • Flow rate 1L per 20 seconds
    • Sparking water flow and test
    • Water is at the required temperature
    • Tighten regulator locking nut
  • Remove the flowrate handles (Unscrew them), then place them into a zip lock bag and tape them to the side on the unit near the control panel
  • Installation area left clean and tidy


Customer Training


  • Explanation of the control panel
    • Temperature controllers
    • Red fault light
  • Setting the flow rates
  • Explanation of the gauges on the regulators
    • Explaining the reason for the spare O-Rings
  • Changing the CO2 Cylinder
  • General Cleaning of unit
  • Quick troubleshooting guide shown and explained to customer